Boys Basketball Schedule

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Wednesday 12/2/20JV5:00 pmChristian LifeHOME
Friday 12/4/20JV/V5:45/7:15 pm@ St. FrancisAWAY
Monday 12/7/20JV/V4:30/7:30 pm@ Faith ChristianAWAY
Thursday 12/10/20V6:30 pmMaranathaHOME
Tuesday 12/15/20JV/V5:30/7:00 pmMilwaukee Juneau ComplexHOME
Wednesday 12/16/20JV/V5:00/6:30 pm@ WI Conservatory of Lifelong LearningAWAY
Friday 12/18/20JV/V4:30/6:00 pmWI Conservatory of Lifelong LearningHOME
Saturday 12/26/20V1:30Christian Life @ CarthageAWAY
Tuesday 1/5/21JV/V4:30/7:30 pm@ St. AnthonyAWAY
Tuesday 1/12/21VTBDMilwaukee Academy of ExcellenceHOME
Tuesday 1/14/21V6:30 pmAcademy of ExcellenceHOME
Tuesday 1/19/21V6:30 pmWI School of the DeafHOME
Thursday 1/21/21V6:30 pm@ Mountain TopAWAY
Monday 1/25/21V7:00 pm@ MaranathaAWAY
Wednesday 1/27/21JV/V5:00/6:30 pmShoreland LutheranHOME
Friday 1/29/21V6:30 pmMountain Top ChristianHOME
Thursday 2/3/21JV/V5:00/6:30 pm@ CudahyAWAY
Friday 2/5/21JV/VTBD@ Academy of ExcellenceAWAY
Tuesday 2/9/21JV/V5:00/6:30 pmHOPE ChristianHOME
Wednesday 2/10/21V6:30 pm@ WI School of the DeafAWAY
Friday 2/12/21JV/V5:00/6:30 pm@ University LakeAWAY